Bane Jelic is a musician from Belgrade, capital of Serbia (former Yugoslavia). Since 2007 he lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He was born in a family in which music has been loved and played a lot. From the earliest days he was attracted and amused by musical instruments and music. At the age of ten he started to play the acoustic guitar and when he was twelve, he received an electrical guitar and an amplifier as a gift. This is where his musical journey begins. He spended many hours in his life passionately practicing his guitar skills. Most of the time between 1990 and 1997 he practiced in average ten hours every day but it happened that he occasionally needed to practice from twelve up to twenty hours.


1. THE FLYING CANS, 1979 - Bane’s first group when he was just twelve years old was called The Flying Cans. They played both domestic and foreign songs.
2. APOCALYPSE, 1980 - Bane plays in a heavy metal band Apocalypse only thirteen years old. Other members of the band were somewhat older than Bane, but that did not bother him. The band took part in a large concert on Belgrade’s Tasmajdan pool in 1981, where various groups played in front of 3 000 spectators. The master of ceremonies was the famous Vlada Dzet. The concert was broadcasted live by the radio station “Beograd 202”. During this event the fourteen years old Bane gave his first interview from the stage.
3. KROKETROLL, 1982 - This band played in schools, various youth clubs, etc. It also participated in Zvezdarijada concert. During 1983 they played in the club Dadov and in the Vuk Karadzic centre. They performed songs by Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Jimmy Hendrix and many others.
4. BANE JELIC, drummer, 1982 - Bane is also a talented drummer. Back in 1982 he used to play in a band together with a well known jazz bassist Vladimir Novicic.
5. ENSEMBLE BELGRADE (Singidunum), 1983 - Bane played regularly in the club Romanitar on Terazije Street with musicians who could have been his parents. The violin in that ensemble was played by a well known violinist Kilibarda and the piano was played by the famous pianist V. Vidojevic. They played pop, rock, country and occasionally jazz.
6. MAGICNO OKO (THE MAGIC EYE) - Banes career as a professional musician began when he in 1984 became a member of the Magic Eye band. The Magic Eye was among the best hard rock groups in 1984. That year they recorded their first album for Diskos Records. Bane joined the band in order to replace the guitarist Aleksandar Veinovic who left the band after this first album was recorded. The band had several tours across Yugoslavia, made a number of concerts and appearances on radio and TV, and was featured in many magazine articles and commercials. Yu Rock Mission - Live Aid, a humanitarian concert for children of Ethiopia, held on the soccer stadium Marakana in Belgrade 1985 was opened by the Magic Eye band. The same year The Magic Eye released its second album, “Something from Love”, by Vojvodina Concert Records. The album was produced by legendary singer Zeljko Bebek from Bijelo Dugme. This album had an even bigger success than the first one. The release of the album was followed by a tour across Yugoslavia, TV appearances, and everything else which is part of this business.
7. SLOMLJENA STAKLA (THE BROKEN GLASS), a pop-rock band, released two LPs for PGP RTB Records before Bane joins the band in 1985. They had tours across Yugoslavia, TV commercials and appearances.
8. In January of 1986 Bane goes to serve the mandatory military service. He soon becomes the leader of a military band and in this capacity spends the entire service time playing with the band in a military centre (Dom JNA).
9. PEDJA, THE BOYS BAND - Before Bane joined the band in 1987, Pedja had released two albums for PGP RTB Records. For the third album Bane composed most of the music and wrote most of the lyrics. This band was not very active on the stage.
10. SLOMLJENA STAKLA (THE BROKEN GLASS) - Bane continues his career in the Broken Glass band. In 1988 the third album, “Only Love can do it”, was successfully released once again for PGP RTB Records, one of the biggest recording labels in Yugoslavia. Material was prepared for the fourth album, but the band dissolved.
11. VIKTORIJA, 1989 - Victoria had a single “Coloured Streets” and album “You’ll be Sleeping Alone” with a number of big hits which were released for PGP RTB Records. After this album was released Bane joined the band. The album was followed by a tour, TV commercials and appearances. The album “I Believe” was released in 1990 also for PGP RTB Records. At that time the popularity of this band was at the pinnacle and it played in big venues and had tours across Yugoslavia. Bane spent three and a half years playing in this band, and he wrote several songs. Two of his songs “War and Peace”and “From Split to Belgrade” (Victoria and Dino Dvornik duet) made it to the top of the charts. “War and Peace” won the award for the best song in 1990. The CD “The Best of Victoria - When the Rumpus is over” was released by PGP-RTS Records in 1998. The CD contains the biggest hits among which two of Bane’s songs are included.
12. BANE JELIC 1989 - During the period when he played with Victoria, Bane composed ten songs which he sang. He created music and text of a commercial character, and was helped in arrangements by a member of a well known group Mama Koko.
13. BANE JELIC BAND (Rockenroller), 1992 - He assembled a band with great musicians from Belgrade and they recorded an album called Rockenroller. All music and lyrics were written by Bane. He made the arrangements and was the producer. Bane was also the singer.
14. NEVERNE BEBE (THE UNFAITHFUL BABIES), 1993 - The Unfaithful Babies were formed in 1993. Before that this band was called Frenky and it had released two albums. This was the band in which Bane felt the most comfortable because they played music which suited him the best. They were called Yugoslavian Toto. During the period of one year they had 131 concerts. They made two TV spots “Veliki je bog” and “1000 godina”. The Unfaithful Babies recorded an album for Take it or Leave it Records.
15. BANE JELIC (Universe), 1994 - That year Bane started recording an instrumental album which he finalized in 1996. He was the author of the complete album. This was not commercial music, so at that time no recording label showed interest in it. Only in 2002 PGP-RTS Records released this CD for the Serbian market and started advertising this exceptional and virtuosic instrumental project. This album is free to be released by a new record label because the edition of 2002 was limited.
16. BANE JELIC BAND 1997 - Bane assembles the band and goes into the studio Lucky Sound. This album is called "Path to the Heart" (Put do srca), and Bane is again a complete author. The album is characterized by hard and heavy sound. The singers are Igor Vukojevic and Bane Jelic.
17. In 1997 Bane was a quest on Eurovision Bosnia and Hercegovina where he plays guitar in Igor’s song and in one of his video clips. Untill 2007 Igor have recorded 5 albums. Bane played guitars in studio, composed music, lyrics and arangments for some of his projects. Some of the song became hit of the month.
18. OKEAN - INSTRUMENTAL FORCES (IMF), 1998 - In the production of this album the best instrumental musicians in Yugoslavia participated and Bane was one of them. Instrumental Forces was a brainchild of legendary Bata Kovac (Korni band). The idea was to give instrumental musicians a more prominent place on the music scene. In this fight everybody participated in promoting the album, giving a concert and in advertising. This CD was released by City Records.
19. OSVAJACI (THE CONQUERORS), 1999 - The Conquerors released two albums before Bane joined them in 1999. The album “Vino Crveno” (Red Wine) reached the top of the charts and the song with the same name “Vino Crveno” won the award for the song of the year. The album was realeased by Grand Production Records. Their second album with the title “Nevera” (Unfaithfulness) was released in 2001 once again by Grand Production also with a big success. Like the fist one this album was followed by tours and concerts in clubs throughout Serbia and Montenegro and Europe.
20. BANE JELIC (East-West), 2003 - Bane goes into a studio once again and creates a new instrumental album East-West. Music is arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Bane Jelic. This album is ready to be realeased.
21. JESSE GARON, 2004 - Bane has finished eight compositions for Jesse Garon. This project is made for the United Kingdom market. This is the sound of Peter Gabriel, David Bowie and Seal.
22. HITMAKER - From 1990 onward Bane has written numerous songs for many music stars of Yugoslavia and nowadays Serbia. Many of these songs made it to the top of the charts. If it is required Bane can completely transform himself musically, like a theatre actor, from one genre into another, but the essence of his being is the instrumental player. Bane also holds a guitar school since 2001 and writes a book about music in life and life in music.

23. "The Ultra Extreme" - a Homemade Release – In 2004 Bane released the album called “The Ultra Extreme”. This material has been arising from 1984 till 1994 and was recorded on a standard cassette recorder at home, from the first hand without repetition or overplay. This material is interesting because it shows how he played at different points in time; from the age of sixteen and onwards. Between 1991 and 1993 Bane has played Paganini’s “5th, 11th and 16th “caprices,”The Perpetuum Mobile" as well as Rimsky-Korsakov’s "The Flight of the Bumblebee". Bane also composed his own two caprices - "La ruota della vita", which was played in staccato technique and "La fuga del salmone" in arpegio technique. Bane plays also Joe Satriani’s caprice "Power Cosmic" but in a much faster technique than the original one. Bane expresses through his improvisations different solo playing technique in an amazingly fast tempo that explains the name of this album. The ultra extreme refers to the extremly fast but yet clears playing technique.
24. STEVE VAI -The real illusions tour, 2005 - Steve Vai played in the SKC hall in Belgrade (Serbia) on the 15th of November 2005. Bane Jelic was invited by Steve Vai to be a guest artist. They had a jam session on the song “My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama”.
25. TWINS pop band published 2 CDs “The best of 1” (2005 for City Records) and “The best of 2” (2007 for VIP Production). Bane wrote music, lyrics and made arrangements for two of their songs. For three other songs he made production, mix and mastering.For their upcoming album, Bane wrote music and lyrics for three songs.
26. In 2007 Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery releases a CD “Hristos vaskrese radost donese” where Bane was producer, composer and arranger for one song “Umilitelni na Vaskrs”. The song is performed by various Serbian celebrities. The CD is made as a part of the action of raising funds for reconstruction of the monastery.
27. SRCE ZMAJA (Dragon's Heart) - Progressive pop-rock album Dragon’s Heart was finished in 2004 and has been published in the may of 2007 for Mascom Records. Bane has always been a complete author of all his albums and this album was no exeption. He has written the music and lyrics as well as made the arrangements, production mixing, mastering and also sang all the songs.
28. EVOLUTION - Between April and June 2007 Bane was engaged in a project for Evolution, a Swiss gothic metal band, creating all music, lyrics, arrangements as well as producing, mastering, mixing and playing guitars. This album was released by Take it or Leave it Records.
29. 2007 Guta pop- folk singer releases his CD for VIP production. On this CD Bane wrote music and lyrics for seven songs. The album was mastered by Bane Jelic.

30. From January untill end of April 2008 Bane was working as a producer for the Goodphobia death metal band from Stockholm in studio Chameleon in Stockholm (Norsborg). This album was also mixed and mastered by Bane Jelic.

31. Since 2007 Bane Jelic is working on his new album The great deal of the work is already finished. He is looking for a publisher who could help him finish this album. Parts of the songs can be heared on :: YOUTUBE BANE JELIC
32. Since 2010 Bane again performs with Osvajaci The band is actively performing around Serbia and neighbouring countries, they have a new album in production.
33. New album with Osvajaci in december 2015. In December 2015 they published their 7-th album Sad je na mene red (Now it's my turn) for Pop Music Records.
34. New instrumental album East-West Also, in November 2015 Bane Jelic published his new instrumental album East-West for Take It Or Leave It Records.